"Pianist Jamie Reynolds is an artist who thinks in big pictures and broad strokes. But on the orchestrational level, he’s all about detail and nuance. That’s a winning combination, and it works to mellifluous effect on Grey Mirror."

- Downbeat Magazine



Jamie Reynolds



by Jamie Reynolds

For their work and help with this project, I am very grateful to Jon Maharaj, Fabio Ragnelli, Gary Wang, Eric Doob, Melissa Stylianou, Jeff Reynolds, Suresh Singaratnam, Emily Testa, Matt Stevens, and David Braid. 

Very special thanks to Marc Koecher. 

Eternal gratitude to Emilio Reyes Leblanc. 

Please try to listen to this record from beginning to end. It's relatively short, and the songs are meant to go together. I hope you enjoy it. 

- Jamie Reynolds


released February 5, 2014

Jamie Reynolds - piano, wurlitzer 200A, compositions

Jon Maharaj - acoustic bass

Fabio Ragnelli - drums

Produced by Emilio Reyes Leblanc

Co-produced by Marc Koecher and Jamie Reynolds

Recorded by Marc Koecher, Emilio Reyes Leblanc, and Stephen Koszler at Revolution Recording (Toronto) in April of 2012. 

Mixed by Marc Koecher and Emilio Reyes Leblanc

Mastered by Emilio Reyes Leblanc

Photography, design, and website by Aestheticize Media 

Special thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding this recording.

© all rights reserved



Come out to hear Jamie play live!

Melissa Stylianou quartet - Copenhagen/aarhus jazz festivals

July 12: Balders Plads

July 14: Drop Inn

July 15: Bartof Cafe

July 15: Blagards Apotek

July 17: Aarhus Jazz Festival

Jamie Reynolds Trio - Jazz Standard Smokestack Brunch

116 E27th St. New York, NY 10016

Sunday September 23rd 2018



Jamie Reynolds - piano

Mark Mclean - drums

Gary Wang - bass



Jamie Reynolds Trio - Mezzrow

163 West 10th St, NY, NY

Thursday July 6th

(Sets at 8:00pm and 9:30pm)


Jamie Reynolds—piano

Pablo Menares—bass

Jimmy Macbride—drums 

$20 cover


Jamie Reynolds "Grey Mirror" album release - The Rex Hotel

194 Queen St West, Toronto, Canada

Thursday August 24th and Friday August 25th

(Sets at 9:30 and 11:00)


Jamie Reynolds—piano, keyboards

Orlando LeFleming—bass

Eric Doob—drums